Tarragona Tour

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Tarragona Tour
Rate per person - 90 €
Based on a minimum of 10 participants

Legend says it that Jupiter, the God, left his wife, the mortal Tiria, when he fell in love with Tarragona, a city which captivated him. History tells that in 218 B.C. the Romans strategically settled in this place and that it became the capital of Hispania Citerior as time went on.
Tarragona preserves a magnificent legacy of what was ancient Tarraco, the main bastion of the Roman Empire in the Iberian Peninsular. In the year 2000, the Roman archaeological remains of the city of Tarragona were declared World Heritage by U.N.E.S.C.O.
Once in Tarragona the tour will start with a panoramic view of the harbour which will end at the old town. Aguided walking tour through the old quarter and the cathedral,  Rambla, “Balcony over the Mediterranean” and Roman amphitheatre will then take place.
Participants will enjoy lunch in one of the traditional restaurants of the olf quarter.
On the way back to Barcelona there will be a short visit of the Scipion Tower.



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